Happy New Year

I boiled an egg perfectly this morning. It was a triumph.

I like my boiled eggs a certain way. There needs to be a 0.55/0.45 soft yolk / hard yolk split. I’ve timed this to mean a 6 minute 25 second boil on a gas stove. But results have varied.

If memory serves me well, I achieved the perfectly boiled egg once before. Jay Z & Beyoncé had just announced the birth of Blue Ivy. My wife and I received official confirmation that we maintained our Diamond status with Discovery. It was a magical time.

And while we’ve maintained Daimond status (my wife’s just mentioned that it is important to note here that I am using the royal “we”), Blue Ivy is almost 3 years old now!

I can only ascribe my poor track record to a lack of focus. Too many things going on in my head.

And so, my new year’s resolution is quite simple. For 2015, I wish for only this: perfectly boiled eggs. And I wish the same for you. Unless you have an egg allergy. Obviously.

Happy New Year.