Month: February 2015

Support the arts

  Meet Edwin. A while back I popped in to Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers to buy my wife a bunch. Edwin approached me to ask if he could help. He could tell I didn’t know poppy from poppycock. I started to explain that I wanted to make up “a very special bunch for a very special lady”. You know, ‘cos I’m old school and shit. He said he knew exactly what to pull together. He quickly got to work & made up the most most spectacular bunch I’ve ever seen. My wife was blown away. I go back regularly now. And always wait until Edwin is free. He always remembers the last bunch he did for my wife & always does one more beautiful than that. And my wife is always blown away. If you’re looking for flowers today, pop in to Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers & ask for Edwin. The guy is an artist. Support the Arts at Dunkeld West Shopping Centre, 279 Jan Smuts Avenue.

Unsung heroes

  I read an awesome article this weekend. About this dapper fella, John Bannister Goodenough. John is a Mechanical Engineering professor at the University of Texas in Austin. And if it wasn’t for John, there would be no Apple, no Samsung, no Tesla. Because John developed the lithium-ion rechargeable battery. John’s never won the Nobel prize. He’s not famous by any definition. Yet he keeps working hard. At age 92 John is still at the office every day. Says there’s so much evolution left for the battery he introduced to the world at age 57. If you’re reading this in South Africa, let me bring it closer to home for you. If it wasn’t for John I wouldn’t be able to write this post in the middle of loadshedding. John Bannister Goodenough defines the term unsung hero. I did a barista course at Origin a while back. Took a few days off work, flew down to Cape Town and spent 3 days trying to master the art of making coffee. Because that’s what I concluded after …