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Meet Edwin.

A while back I popped in to Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers to buy my wife a bunch. Edwin approached me to ask if he could help. He could tell I didn’t know poppy from poppycock.

I started to explain that I wanted to make up “a very special bunch for a very special lady”. You know, ‘cos I’m old school and shit.

He said he knew exactly what to pull together. He quickly got to work & made up the most most spectacular bunch I’ve ever seen. My wife was blown away.

I go back regularly now. And always wait until Edwin is free. He always remembers the last bunch he did for my wife & always does one more beautiful than that. And my wife is always blown away.

If you’re looking for flowers today, pop in to Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers & ask for Edwin. The guy is an artist.

Support the Arts at Dunkeld West Shopping Centre, 279 Jan Smuts Avenue.