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Here are the ingredients for a perfect long weekend in Cape Town

I was lucky enough to visit Cape Town again last week. For business. And at the end of a very productive week, I had a long weekend to do with as I please.

Here are my ingredients for a perfect long weekend in the Mother City.


I love Airbnb. If I could marry Airbnb I would. We’d move into a loft. Have 2 kids. And drive a Prius.

The process is simple. The hosts are great. And the prices are amazing. I got this view for $55 a night.

Lunch at Maison

Chris Weylandt has expanded his taste empire to include a wine farm, Maison. Lunch at the bistro-style restaurant, The Kitchen, is a must. Every dish will impress your palate. And any lady accompanying you. Which on this visit was my mom.




For me, no trip to any city is complete without a sampling of it’s speciality coffee. And Cape Town has some of the best in the world.

It was a short but perfect weekend. And it was good to home again. Because I was born in Cape Town. And every time I go back, I’m born again.

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