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My morning routine

Every morning I wake up with one thing on my mind. Coffee.

The house is very quiet early in the morning. Most mornings all you can hear are the birds. I’ll lay in bed to just listen to that singing.

Soon enough I’m in the kitchen. Pouring filtered water into a kettle. While the kettle heats I’m at the cupboard. Considering my options. Guatemala. Costa Rica. Rwanda. Where will I go today?

The scale comes out. 25 grams of beans. Into the grinder. Preset to coarse. I remember to close the kitchen door so that the grinding doesn’t wake the wife. I’m a husband not an inconsiderate bastard.

Rinse the filter. Warm the chemex. Rinse the cup. Warm the cup. Wait for the water to cool to 93.

Then start the pour.


In tight little circles. 50 grams. Then I’ll wait. For the bloom. When it comes I’m happy. Pat myself on the back for picking up freshly roasted beans. Continue the pour.


In tight little circles. 350 grams. I lean in a bit. To watch the water filter through. I always watch the water filter through. Not because I have to. But because I want to. And when the caramel stream turns into caramel drops I know it’s almost time.

I’ll reach for the cup. Warm to the touch. It’s ready. For my first cup.

I’ll pour.


I’ll sip.


The cup always empties sooner than I expect. But when it does I know I’m finally ready.

Ready for the day. Ready for the traffic. Ready for people. Ready for life.

Because I’ve started the day with some time for myself. I don’t know the secret to happiness. But I do know I’m a more bearable, giving human being after I start the day doing this one small thing for myself.

Maybe you should do that too. Your coffee may be yoga. It may be meditation. It may be a run. Whatever it is. Do it. Do it for you.

Maybe we’ll all become more bearable, giving human beings.

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