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Cold-Crafting in the Mother City

If you’re into your coffee Cape Town is a pretty great place to find yourself. It’s been said that we serve up some of the best coffee in the world down here and I am inclined to agree. When I go traveling I’ll always pack in my AeroPress and a bag of beans from one of my favourite roasteries so that I can be sure that whatever I’m drinking is top-notch stuff.

Just because we are miles away from the rest of the world doesn’t mean we don’t keep up with times either. One of the coffee trends that has taken the scene by storm in the States has slowly started to crop up down here and I’m lucky enough to know a super couple that is into producing some fine cold-brew coffee, Ernest Andrews and Nicette dos Santos of Swart.

Swart is a triple filtered, cold crafted coffee, made of 100% organic, fair-trade single origin coffee beans and pure natural spring water. Swart is Afrikaans, meaning black, so these guys don’t add any of the nasty stuff to their cold-brew, no sugar, preservatives and additives. Just plain black.


Swart is totally ahead of the game and are the first to introduce to a non-alcoholic Cold Coffee Draft on tap as well as a non-alcoholic cold concentrated coffee mélange for cocktails to the South African market. This is something that drew me in from the get-go, as I no longer drink alcohol and finding alternatives that go down as well as an ice cold beer has been tough. On that note, here’s a recipe for an S&T (Swart and Tonic) that is going to make the hot festive days ahead oh-so-glorious.
Instagram: @swart_coffee

S&T with Lemon and Basil


Serves 2. Ready in 2mins.
ice cubes
200ml tonic water
100ml Swart cold-craft coffee
Freshly squeezed lemon juice, to taste
Basil leaves

Place a few ice cubes into your 2 favourite tumblers. Divide the tonic water between the two glasses and then divide the Swart coffee between them, slowly pouring as not to upset the bubbles too much.


Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to each glass and stir in a few bruised basil leaves. Enjoy next to the pool on a hot summers day.


This post & photography by Nikki Albertyn. Nikki is co-founder of Gathered & owner of one of the most beautiful Instagram pages I have ever seen. When trying to describe what she does, I couldn’t come up with anything more perfect than this quote from her site: “Gathered is a platform for collaboration and inspiration. We hope to use this space to inspire people in the kitchen, to get people together and change the world. Our collection of culinary charms are here for you as a guide, a map to the belly of the world’s game changers.”

1 comment on “Cold-Crafting in the Mother City

  1. Got my hands on a bottle of Swart and am going to try the above over the weekend, I am looking forward to it. Thanks for posting

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