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These are the coffee blogs you should be reading this year

My Facebook newsfeed is full of everyone’s suggestions for the best books to read. It got me thinking about the best coffee blogs out there. The ones I read. This is my list, in no particular order. And by no means finite.

Rosetta Roastery

Once voted as one of the 25 coffee shops in the world you have to see before you die, the Rosetta Roastery is fully deserving of this honour. They also write some of the most thought provoking coffee blogs out there. I particularly enjoyed this one: Rosetta Roastery & the Coffee Nazis. These guys don’t post often, but you don’t want to miss it when they do.

I Love Coffee South Africa

One of the first coffee blogs I stumbled across way back in the day is It’s a great collection of coffee shop reviews and introductions to folks in the coffee industry. Check it out here.

Michael Macdonald

If you want to properly nerd out about coffee, read Michael Macdonald’s blog. Michael is head roaster at Origin Coffee in Cape Town, South Africa. His approach and insights are data driven, scientific. It reminds me of when I studied engineering at the University of Stellenbosch. And why I failed. It’s a proper education. And so damn interesting.

Coffey & Cake

I’d been going to Durban for years. But the first time I remember really enjoying myself is when I followed the recommendations of blogger, Pippa Rowney. Each of her recommendations for breakfast, lunch dinner and coffee were on point. I discovered one of my all time favorite breakfasts because of her. And some of Johannesburg’s hidden gem coffee spots. Think of her blog, Coffey & Cake, as a directory to awesome. If you’re not already convinced, watch this:

I Love Coffee Japan

Ryoko Iwata was a diplomat with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And it was when she was posted in Seattle that she decided to start documenting her coffee journey online. And so this self-taught webmaster, illustrator and social media guru started I love Coffee Japan. Make it part of your regular reading. It’s one of the most interesting and visually fun coffee blogs out there, filled with coffee trivia, illustrations and infographics like this one:


Find more on I Love Coffee Japan’s infographic page

The Barista Hustle

Matt Perger is World Brewers Cup Champion for 2012, placed 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2011) in the World Barista Championships, and in 2014 was the Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion. And he writes a blog. The Barista Hustle is for baristas. Current and aspiring ones. And his blog goes hand in hand with his Youtube channel which has tutorials like this:

James Hoffman is 2007 World Barista Champion, a pioneer in the UK speciality coffee scene, writer of one of the most educational books about coffee I’ve ever read, The World Atlas of Coffee, and blogger at It’s always a good read.

Perfect Daily Grind

Fast becoming the world’s primary source of coffee information, insight and news is Perfect Daily Grind. The writing is insightful and prolific. Their mission statement says it all:

We stand for transparency. We are dedicated to documenting the story behind the cup and exposing readers to the stages and people along the coffee supply chain from bean to cup.


Sprudge has been publishing original stories on coffee culture, news and events since 2009. It’s essential reading if you’d like to be kept up to speed about what’s happening in the world of coffee. They also run Sprudge Wire which curates all of the world’s coffee news in one convenient spot. But I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about the most important question ever in coffee. What does the word “Sprudge” mean? Find out here.

Dear Coffee I Love You

DCILY‘s annual gift guide is my go-to source to find out what the sexiest coffee gear of the moment is. I look forward to year-end each year just to see this list. They also publish great city guides which cover more than just coffee. Like this one for Gothenburg, Sweden.

And that’s my list. Did I miss any?

Cover image of Jono Le Feuvre supplied by Rosetta Roastery


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