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The best guide on how to taste coffee

The simple truth is this. Coffee is more complex than wine. The green coffee bean contains around 500 aromatic and flavor components. Roasting that bean increases that count threefold. Wine, however, at best, has around 300 – 400 components.

So now that we’ve put that debate to rest, the question is how do you taste coffee.

And I’ve come across no better guide than this awesome one from Counter Culture Coffee. Print it out. Keep it on hand. So that next time you taste a cup of coffee, you’ll have more to say than “it tastes like coffee”.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 7.12.37 AM.png

Find the large format download here

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  1. I work as a food blogger and am planning on doing a post on the different coffee shops in my local area. However, I don’t know much about coffee or the different types of blends and so I am really glad that I came across this post. In fact, I had always thought that coffee was either black or with sugar and not as complex. I am definitely going to print out this wheel so that I can discuss a few of the 500 flavor components. http://www.sambacoffee.us/collections/new-products

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