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This coffee shop in Antwerp sounds amazing


These days flavored syrups are the latest development in Antwerp’s bustling coffee scene.

A hype I never understood. Why would people be eager to gulp down a cup of coffee loaded with Oreos and Monin? Add less to your drinks and appreciate your coffee just as it is.

Ladies & Gents, that’s why today I’m gonna take u on a journey exploring one of Antwerp’s most versatile coffee shops. Vascobelo V-bar serves more than just a decent cup of coffee. Good coffee needs to be accompanied with distinguished dishes. A concept they call “Café Brasserie”. The menu offers a variety of modern delicacies like burrata and tempura Nobashi.


The coffee menu includes classic espresso based coffee drinks. Just as a coffee shop should be! In addition to coffee, you will find an selected assortment of exquisite tea.

The elegant interior and the timeless chic barista uniforms also make an undeniable impact. Both contributing to Vascobelo’s upscale, yet accessible vibe. Just a perfect spot for a modern-day meeting place!


Find Vascobelo on InstagramFacebook, at and

This post & photography by Lidwina Kam.

Cover image from Vascobelo

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