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This looks like a must-visit coffee shop in Toronto

Is it too late to say sorry?

I’m not even sure how this post got so delayed and thus forgotten… Sorry Coffee Co. was the first coffee shop I visited in 2016 because it was a high priority on my ‘to visit’ list. I’m so glad to say I wasn’t disappointed and it turned out to be better than I could imagine!

Sorry Coffee Co. was a newly opened coffee shop inside of the store Kit and Ace on Bloor street, in the Yorkville area. I wasn’t exactly sure where the store was so I wandered around Bloor street till I came across Kit and Ace and went straight to the back. The coffee area is quite small in size, a nice cozy space in the back of the retail store.

I was fortunate when I went inside there were still a few seats unoccupied so I snagged a window seat! I loved the décor around the café, it was modern, clean and minimalistic which was perfect for photos! I went up to the marble counter to order my cup of flat white and I was ecstatic to hear they had lactose-free milk! I’m not sure why but they didn’t accept cash, so I had to use the machine both times I visited (the first time Jan 2nd + the second time mid January).

2016-01-17 12.55.36

I waited patiently for my flat white and my mothers cappuccino that I treated her to. Her cappuccino was made quicker than mine for some reason! Her cappuccino was also slightly larger than my cup of flat white but both had lovely latte art on top.

About a billion photos later in the beautiful light and setting, I took my first sip…. And it was delicious. Usually coffee shops all taste somewhat the same (with the exception of Starbucks and Dark Horse) in my opinion, so I was surprised when this cup of flat white didn’t taste like your regular espresso. It was delicious and the texture was just right with the foamy milk. The beverage wasn’t hot, more on the side of lukewarm so it was easy to sip and quick to finish! It could have been from the size of the cup or maybe it was easy to keep sipping, but I finished mine in a short amount of time while sitting there and staring out into Yorkville.

Since the café portion of the shop is quite small, it gets a bit chilly every time someone opens and closes the door to leave. The turnaround in the café was quite fast as I noticed many individuals coming in to keep warm from the cold winter with a nice cup of coffee.

2016-01-02 15.01.07-1

Rate: 4.5/5

Reason: I will definitely be back! I love the taste of the coffee, the design of the café and cups, and also the beautiful latte art to top it off. The only reason I took off .5 a star was because of the size of the coffee for the price. It’s nice to wind down after a long day of shopping in Yorkville and especially during the winter times!

Sandi is a lifestyle blogger from Toronto who has a passion for good food and coffee while exploring the city she lives in and loves. Wandering and exploring new things has been deeply rooted inside of her since the beginning and she loves to share her experiences with others who are also like her. Follow Sandi on her blog and Instagram, Sandiesque. All images by Sandi.

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