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10 Excellent Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Finding a good gift for someone can often be pretty difficult. If you know someone who is a big fan of coffee, however, the task can become a lot easier. That’s because there are so many amazing gift options out there for people who adore the caffeinated beverage to bits.

If you want to make an important coffee lover in your life smile, these 10 gift options should definitely do the trick for you. Shopping for coffee enthusiasts can be easy. They often don’t care much about apparel design and expensive bags. They just love their daily cups of joe!

Maple Bacon Coffee

There are many adventurous coffee lovers in this world. There are also quite a few interesting and quirky coffee flavor options out there. If you want to please your number one coffee lover, consider giving him or her some maple bacon coffee. The combination of maple and bacon may sound odd but is actually a favorite among many people everywhere. It’s a wonderful A.M. coffee option, too.

Candy With Caffeine

People who love coffee tend to love caffeine. That makes sense. If you want to give a coffee fan a thoughtful gift, you should consider caffeinated candy. This kind of candy can give people nice caffeine boosts. It can also satisfy the desire for sweet and pleasant flavor.


This image originally appeared on Fusion Gourmet

LED Coffee Cup Lamp

People often rely on coffee to start awake and alert while on the job. That’s why it can be nice to gift a coffee lover with a handy LED coffee cup lamp. Coffee cup lamps run on batteries or USB. They can light up work desks beautifully. They also make excellent and eye-catching decorations!

Couch Arm Wrap

Coffee aficionados often love enjoying their beverages while they’re relaxing on sofas. If you know a coffee lover who has a coffee table that isn’t close enough to the sofa, however, that can pose a dilemma. You can solve his or her problem by investing in a couch arm wrap. This convenient wrap can make enjoying delicious coffee on the sofa a total breeze at all times.

Speedy Coffee Maker

Coffee fans often have busy and jam-packed daily schedules. They frequently don’t have the spare time necessary to make their own coffee. If you want to help a coffee fan who is constantly pressed for time, it may be nice to get him or her a one-minute coffee maker. One-minute coffee makers make coffee quickly. They make coffee that boasts amazing flavoring, too. It’s a win-win situation.


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Coffee Candle

Coffee smells wondrous. People who don’t drink the beverage can’t even argue that. If you want to give a coffee fan in your life a pleasant surprise, a coffee candle gift could be ideal. Coffee candles are full of classic coffee aromas that are comforting and soothing. Coffee fans don’t necessarily have to be drinking coffee to reap its relaxing benefits.


Coffeemallows may sound a bit strange. They’re actually a lot of fun, however. They’re precisely what they sound like. If you want to delight someone with yummy marshmallows that are reminiscent of coffee, you should purchase some Coffeemallows right away. These soft and tasty marshmallows also contain caffeine. That’s an added bonus for anyone who is seriously passionate about coffee.

Vanilla Sugar

There are many coffee lovers out there who adore vanilla lattes. Vanilla lattes taste absolutely magical. If you want to make your favorite coffee lover extra happy, consider giving him or her a container of vanilla sugar as a gift. Vanilla sugar has a flavor that differs from standard sugar. It can help people carefully emulate the aforementioned delectable vanilla lattes properly as well. Vanilla sugar can make a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift choice for any bona fide coffee admirer.


Get the recipe for vanilla sugar here

Milk Frother

A milk frother can be yet another superb gift option for people who like lattes. It can also be great for folks who appreciate cappuccinos. Milk frothers can do wonders for coffee fans who want to stir their milk in better. They also can help people who want to accomplish numerous other tasks. These frothers are equipped with components that are useful for jobs such as egg whipping.

Wooden Coffee Scoop

If you’re looking for a practical gift to give the coffee lover who means the most to you, it can be nice to look at your choices in wooden coffee scoops. A wooden coffee scoop can scoop up coffee masterfully. It can also be visually appealing. If you want to dazzle someone with a lovely handmade gift, few things beat a classic wooden coffee scoop. These coffee scoops can also make work desks and living spaces in general look a lot more elegant and classic. Remember, coffee fans don’t care about the newest fabric labels. They care about coffee, coffee and more coffee!

This post was written by Annabelle Short, a seamstress who loves to make crafts with her kids. She also writes for Wunderlabel. To learn more about her and her handmade creations visit her at

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  1. soroosh says

    I’m a coffee lover (and a home barista) and I don’t think I would be happy if sb gave me anything on this list, I would prefer a gadget, for example an acaia scale or even a quality coffee mug… Come on it isn’t like everyone drinks their coffee because they need the caffeine, some just love the coffee and the brewing process

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