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How does an Aeropress champion brew an Aeropress?

Dan Erasmus runs one of the latest and most exciting additions to the Johannesburg speciality coffee scene, Firebird.

And he won the 2013 South Africa Aeropress championship with this recipe.

Firebird content-001


  • Coffee: Long Miles Coffee Gaharo Hill Peaberry
  • Coffee dose: 17.5g
  • Coffee grind: medium-coarse
  • Water weight: 220g
  • Water temperature: 94 degrees celsius

1.  Bloom for 25 seconds.


Firebird content-003

2.  Fill to 220g.

Firebird content-002

3.  Steep for one minute.


Firebird content-004

4.  Then stir, put on filter cap, flip, and slowly press.

Firebird content-005

Champion tip: let it cool a lot before drinking it, the flavour will be much more intense and the sweetness will grow.

Firebird content-006

Photography by Creative Wei

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