How do I get featured on your instagram page?

Either tag me in your shot, or use the hashtag #manmakecoffee. See my feed for the kind of shots I repost. But whatever you do, don’t take credit for someone else’s work.

Where are you from?

I’m South African. I was born in Cape Town and now live in Johannesburg.

Do you have followers only in South Africa?

I have followers from 177 of the 196 countries in the world. The top 5 countries are the United States, Indonesia, India, Malaysia & Australia. Contact me for more detail.

I’d like to send you something. Where should I send it?

Thank you! I’m based in South Africa so please courier the item(s). South Africa’s postal system is notoriously slow. Think 3 months. Contact me for the address.

What are your advertising rates?

You may advertise on my blog and my instagram page. Contact me for details.


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Andy loves coffee, has a global community of followers that loves coffee and talks about himself in the third person.

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