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Humans of coffee: Maja Wisniewska

Who is Maja Wisniewska?

A girl with too many interests and not enough time to follow them all! From coffee (obviously!) through history of fashion, rap music, sports, ending on forensic sciences and criminal profiling.

I’m from Poland where I have done my BA in international relations and MA in cultural studies. I have moved to UK and currently I’m living in Southampton. At the moment I am not doing anything related to what I’ve studied which is so common in today’s world. Instead I’m focusing more and more on a career switch as I would love to start working in a coffee related environment.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

To be honest I feel like my brain ran out of memory space and has started replacing older memories with newer ones. Most of my earliest memories are from my teenage years. From really early years I remember playing with my cousin which has always led to massive fights so that we had to be separated from each other. That was until we realised we’re better sticking together against everyone else! I loved spending summer months at the Baltic seashore, watching my dad and his friends windsurfing or kitesurfing whilst I was just chilling out in the sun, reading books or going paddle boarding.

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If you could have a do-over in life, what would you do differently?

Surprisingly (to myself), I don’t think there would be much that I would like to change. I am happy with who I’ve become as a person and I believe everything that happened have contributed to that. Things that come to mind would be not giving up on learning Spanish as now I need to start all over again! And maybe say no to more drinks during certain nights out!

What do you feel most proud of?

I am really happy with my persistence in learning English as it has now become my primary language, I would say. Being bilingual is really tricky sometimes as the brain can’t handle it in certain moments and unwillingly I reply in the wrong language!


If you could keep only 3 possessions, what would they be and why?

Oh, this is really not one of my strong sides as no matter how hard I try, I cannot for the life of me travel light. There are always two suitcases and a handbag.

I think I would keep my phone as it gives me access to almost everything and I could still take photos which I love doing. I would also keep my passport as I love travelling and can’t go a month without going somewhere. Third thing would be a pair of my all time favourite shoes – Adidas Superstar. I can walk hundred miles in them!

What do you want your tombstone to say?

I wouldn’t want a tombstone, this interview is going to be a proof that I’m choosing cremation or if possible, I would like to donate my organs for research. They say nothing disappears from the Web so here we are!

I came across a lovely practice here on the south coast of UK – people are engraving messages for their loved ones on benches overlooking the shore. Sometimes it’s a message from the family but it can also be what a person wanted written. I feel connected to the seas and oceans so that would be what I would want.

The quote? It would have to be paraprahsed in the past tense but the verse that comes to mind comes from an album curated by the legendary rapper Guru – Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Vol. 4 and it’s from the track called State of Clarity, written and performed by featured guest Common:

‘I believe in the route of soul before paper, no gold before labour, truth told with no glaziers’


What is Beanadonna?

Beanadonna is a space that I’ve created to share and compare my journey and experiences with specialty coffee world.

I have always been drinking coffee ever since I was 12 years old. Funny thing, in Poland many people brew it in a way that only requires two things: grounded beans and water. You just pour the water and drink it after it cools down. Now it reminds me of everyday single cupping of a really bad coffee 😀

I got into speciality coffee around 3 years ago and it has become such a vital part of my life that I decided to share it with others. For long time now, my favourite social account was Instagram so it was an easy choice as I feel comfortable using it and I believe it is easy to get in touch with other people. Back in July when I started Beanadonna, I have posted few articles on the website but because I also have a day job it has become too much so now it’s an Instagram blog.

I’m sharing my experiences with different beans from roasteries all around Europe. I have learned so much in those few months and have also made friends just through that!  It had already opened few doors and allowed me to get an insiders peek into coffee retailers, roasteries and blogs so I can’t wait what 2018 is gonna bring!

What is your favorite kind of coffee?

My favourite brew method is definitely pour over coffee. I don’t think I could decide on one filter device though. What I love the most about coffee is the variety of things that you can change and adjust so that everytime you can brew something new! Beans, water, grind size, brew time, amount of water, amount of coffee, sifter. Tweak one of these and you get a different cup!

Origin wise, I am a huge fan of Ethiopian coffees, they are just amazing almost every time, sweet and fruity or tea-like and floral, I’m in!


In which coffee shops are we likely to bump into you?

Here in Southampton I often pop in to local mini-chain Mettricks, especially to their Woolston Waterside branch. Close enough from Southampton there’s a lovely spot called Southsea Coffee Co where I go after walking at the beach.

I often go to London as it’s not far away and I have an unconditional love for this city. In there, I go to The Attendant in their victorian Fitzrovia branch, Workshop and Prufrock in Clerkenwell and Curators close to Oxford Circus. My newest finding is Redemption Roasters on Lamb Conduit St but I am going to London next week so check my profile for new spots!

What does a perfect day look like?

I spent hours thinking about the answer to this question but I realised its’s actually the simple things that matter the most. Perfect day always consists of great cup of coffee, sunshine, nice meal and wine! All that enjoyed with my partner and friends and then it doesn’t really matter where it is!



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