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Humans of coffee: Ben Richardson

Who is Ben Richardson?

I am a California native and coffee enthusiast currently residing in Omaha, Nebraska, known as @drinkcoffeewithben on Instagram. I write for my own blog @ TheFilter.Coffee and have recently launched a “Limited Release” apparel shop there. Outside of coffee I am Active Duty Air Force and have been in the service for six years. I have been deployed three times to the Middle East in support of Operations FREEDOM’S SENTINEL and INHERENT RESOLVE as well as supported operations in various other regions all over the world.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

When I was around 4 years old, my family took me with my grandparents to Bodega Bay  for the first time. While we were there I remember building a sand castle with my dad and grandparents on the beach. It is my most vivid childhood memory because after building the castle, the tide began to come in and washed away the castle and others’ castles on the beach. My dad took me out in the water after that and I remember feeling afraid. A wave eventually came crashing into the shore and washed over my entire body and face. I remember saltwater being in my mouth and being really upset and wanting to go back on the shore. Today, I realize how small that wave actually was, but at the time it seemed so large in relation to my size as a 4 year old.

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If you could have a do-over in life, what would you do differently? 

I would eliminate the crippling fear I had as a child of what others thought of me. Fear in any form is one of the most debilitating challenges that can hold you back in life, and it’s all in your mind.

What do you feel most proud of?

I am proud to be the father to my beautiful and hilarious daughter. She is only 3, but she thinks the absolute world of me as her father. I hope I can be even half the person she sees me as.

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If you could keep only 3 possessions, what would they be and why?

My road bike, my phone, and my camera. My Bike would allow me to travel the world. My phone would allow me to communicate with the world. And my camera would allow me to capture the world around me.

What do you want your tombstone to say?

I haven’t really given this much thought before. At the end of the day to me a tombstone is just a relic. I would hope whatever it said, that it would speak to the legacy I leave behind as a father and friend, because at the end of the day, relationships matter more than business, accolades, or personal accomplishments.

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What is TheFilter.Coffee?

The Filter is my website dedicated to the specialty coffee community. Within it, you can find articles I’ve written during my travels across the U.S. and Globe visiting many many coffee shops as well as my newly release Limited Release Filter Coffee Apparel.

What is your favorite kind of coffee?

My favorite brew method currently is the Kalita Wave. I enjoy how consistent and flavorful of a cup this method produces.

Photo Aug 23, 6 07 20 PM

In which coffee shops are we likely to bump into you?

I know and visit all of the coffee shops in Omaha, but my daily go to is Beansmith Coffee Roasters here.

What does a perfect day look like?

A perfect day would consist of lots of delicious coffee on hand, a beach with extra clear water and mountains in the background and perfect weather in the 70s.

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