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The meal I just had was so good I had to write a blog post about it

I hate malls. God I really hate malls.

But I happily headed to one of the biggest in Johannesburg to have this meal. You should too. I’ve had most of the menu. But this has to be my favourite. So here’s what I recommend you have at The Big Mouth.


Find them on Nelson Mandela Square. There’s underground parking so you can avoid mall crowds.


It’s a vibe.


There’s a great selection of cocktails. Including really noteworthy non-alcoholic ones.


Service is always on point. In a city where service is notoriously bad, this place is the exception.


The bread is two things: complimentary and life-changing.


Our staple order at any meal: sparkling water and enough lemon for four.


My standard order, the S.U.V.


I’m sure my wife would choose this lobster roll over me. And I’d understand.


Ask them for this hot sauce. Ask them for this hot sauce. Did I mention you should ask them for this hot sauce?


It’s a great spot for people watching.


Let me know what your favourite thing on the menu is.

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