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How one man went from instant to grinding beans at home

Just over a year ago I was talking to a friend of mine about coffee. At this point in my life I enjoyed a coffee from @homecoffeesouth. The coffee is always of great quality and the staff are always on hand to talk about the one thing they love the most… COFFEE !!

As my friend and I continued to talk, we agreed on one thing… how difficult it can be to enjoy quality coffee at home. We all have a jar of instant coffee at home but I wanted something better, something special, made with love and on a daily basis.

This is where my coffee journey began. My friend recommended an online coffee company called @pactcoffee. Now, they are one of many companies offering coffee delivered to your door but I can only talk about these guys. They trade directly with farmers all over the world. That means they source the best coffee in the world while ensuring unbeatable pay for their farmers.

I started with a different bag of ground coffee being delivered to my door every ten days or so. I initially used my coffee machine or stove top to enjoy the coffee but after immersing myself in the world of coffee and asking anyone who would give me the time of day lots of questions, I finally settled on a V60 at home.

The chaps at @homecoffeesouth allowed me to make my own under their guidance and it’s how I still make my coffee to this day. Now, I’m talking allowing 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom, pouring the water in circles and having the whole set up on scales so the whole drink finishes at 300 grams. The whole process takes around 3 minutes. It might sound a little over the top to some but I find it very relaxing and I know by doing it this way I’m doing the freshly ground beans justice. The coffee tastes smoother and more flavourful too (it’s what the beans deserve after all)!

If I’m honest, I love offering guests at my home a coffee because the theatrics of making the coffee are impressive to those who don’t feel about coffee the way I do. I’ve converted a few friends to drinking their coffee without milk and sugar (as it should be) as it’s the only way to truly appreciate the depth of flavours in great quality coffee.

I have upgraded my experience by purchasing a coffee grinder and now enjoy freshly roasted beans delivered to my door. I wouldn’t ever go back to one of those coffee chains again (I can’t even type their names) as they just don’t stand for what I believe in.

I’m a keen advocate of fair trade, treating the farmers well who create this fantastic coffee for us to enjoy and to encourage future generations to do the same. If I have to pay more for a great bag of coffee so that I can help support the livelihood of the farmers, I’m ok with that!

Happy sipping!

By Simon Frost

Simon is a 36 year old family man from England. He loves great coffee, great beer (preferably craft) and spending time with his family. His brew method of choice is V60 as it produces smoother more flavoursome coffee. Find him on instagram here.


  1. Wish I could duplicate my home setup at work. The office has no kitchen, no stove, and we’re not allowed to plug in electrical appliances at the desk. So … no way to heat hot water, grind coffee or wash up.

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