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The 5 best flat whites in Buenos Aires (Palermo edition)

Buenos Aires was a late bloomer when it comes to specialty coffee shops. Like in every big city, coffee plays a big role in the porteños’ day to day life. There are coffee shops everywhere, and they range from very traditional cafés to the new wave of more alternative and cozy coffee spots.

The flat white was recently introduced into the local coffee market by some very specific places, most of them new, opened in the last couple years. I honestly spend most of my afternoons looking for new places to try, and everytime I find one, I always get a flat white. I have a theory that if a place makes a nice flat white, then it’s good. If you’re a fan of the legendary flat white, like me, then you must go to these five places if you visit this culturally fascinating South American city.

Ninina Bakery

Perhaps the place that feels the most like New York City in the neighborhood of Palermo Soho. Actually, many of this new cafés find their home near these streets. Ninina Bakery is a quiet spot with white marbled tables (perfect for photos). They have a variety of deliciously crafted cakes, great croissants, and a complete brunch. But I keep coming back for their flat white.


Felix Felicis

Named after Harry Potter’s magic potion, this place’s logo is an owl, and it’s decorated with different HP hints here and there. Their specialty is, obviously, coffee. And their flat white is just perfect. Perhaps because they use 100% Colombian coffee, provided by their partner LAB, who should probably be in this post but I don’t have a good quality photo of their flat white just yet.

felix felicis

Creme Lab

The Creme Lab is half an ice cream shop, half a coffee shop. It opened a few months ago and became quickly famous, not only for their nitrogen ice cream (something new in the city) but also for their exquisite coffee and matcha lattes. LAB provides for their coffee beans also, so it’s obviously expected to have amazing flats as well. The place has a nice terrace where you can sit and enjoy your coffee.

the creme lab

Salvaje Bakery

What I love about this place is that their coffee cups are HUGE (they are actually bowls). So when you’re having one of those days when you need more than a regular cup of coffee, Salvaje is the place. They have really interesting food too!

salvaje bakery


One of the partners of Felix Felicis and LAB, Lattente is a tiny place in Palermo where you can get your coffee fix anytime, and it’s always gonna be great. Their Colombian coffee is always perfectly roasted, and their expert baristas really know how to make an incredible flat white.


By Adriana Porras

Adriana is a journalist, blogger and photographer. Which means she writes and takes photos for a living. She is currently based in Buenos Aires but traveling is her ultimate passion (besides coffee, of course), so you can always find her on an airplane or discovering new places. Find her on Instagram here.

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