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How to find high quality coffee beans

From their aroma to their natural taste – there is quite simply nothing I enjoy more than a delicious, high-quality coffee bean. From the second I smell one, I simply cannot wait to get the product of it in my favorite coffee mug.

But, these high-quality coffee beans can often be like gold…

It is a beautiful hidden treasure, but, that means you have to go searching for it. And, that is not always the easiest task.

However, I will tell you that the joy of finding some of the best, high-quality coffee beans is well worth the search.

So, why waste any more time?

Here are a few tips on how to find high-quality coffee beans:

What do I look for?

Look at the place of origin

Anybody can label their coffee with a seal claiming great quality and service, but only those who really care about the pure essence of their coffee beans will be bold enough to list the variety, farm, or country of their coffee bean’s origin. A good, high-quality coffee will have a roaster who is proud of their coffee’s origins – even down to the farmer’s name – that’s how you really know it is the real deal.

Tip: Look for coffee from areas like Brazil and Colombia. Brazil is actually the world’s largest coffee producer.

Check the roast date

Just like when you go to buy milk and you check the expiration date when you go to buy coffee check the roast date. The roast date will tell you when the coffee was roasted.

But, why is that important?

Well, most companies just list an expiration date. However, roasters of true high-quality coffee beans will put the date the coffee was roasted to prevent the coffee from staying on the shelf longer than a few days.

This will help ensure you get some of the freshest coffee which also greatly impacts the flavor.

Go for a one-way valved bag

One-way valved bags are the best way to ensure freshness because they disable oxygen from entering the bag – which results in a lengthened freshness.

Try to avoid another packaging like tin cans.

White coffee cup and coffee beans around

Where do I go?

Visit your local shops

Most people take to big name, chain grocery stores to buy their coffee. However, most streamlined grocery stores simply carry the big, well-known and generic brands.

But, your local coffee shops are almost as much of a hidden gem as your high-quality coffee itself.

Investigate what local shops sell retail bags of beans, then, ask them about the origins of the coffee and the roast date. If you find that the employee can’t answer your questions, it likely isn’t top grade. But, if they appear to be quite the coffee bean expert then it is likely you are about to get your hands on some true gold.

Order online

While buying your high-quality coffee online might not be the cheapest option – thanks to shipping charges – ordering this way can open up a world of possibilities.

Through their website, you can gain an exponential amount of knowledge about your roaster, their coffee, and locate some of those truly hidden gems you might not even find in your local shops.

So, now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to find high-quality coffee beans, it is time to begin your search.

Good luck, my friend!

By Anna-Belle Mulder.

Anne-Belle is one of my favourite bloggers. Check out She Said for her perspective on travel, fashion, photography and more!

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