Humans of coffee: Heidi Richter

Who is Heidi Richter?

In a nutshell,  a Canadian West coast dweller who thrives living as close to nature as possible with her husband, 3 year old son and a quirky French Bulldog.

I am a deeply creative individual with a love of whole, nourishing foods, organic gardening, simple living and photography. I hold a great respect for nature and do my best to honour it every day through small, thoughtful choices; I have chosen to eat a vegan diet for about 12 years and it continues to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Ironically,  I also have a very nerdy side that loves computers and can watch Star Wars (the original trilogy) or Lord of the Rings on repeat.  My dream home is a Hobbit hole, but I am quite content with our current house… for now, I suppose.

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What is your favorite childhood memory?

There are too many to list, but one that jumps out would be my very first visit to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  I was about ten at the time and the island was a very different place than it is today. Spending time exploring and soaking up the West coast generated a spark that lead to a deep love of this immensely beautiful place I now call home.

If you could have a do-over in life, what would you do differently?

Perhaps many things, yet also nothing at all… happiness has found me here along with good challenges.

However, if I could give my younger self some hints, I would suggest taking less “advice” from others (well-intentioned or otherwise) and encourage the following of my heart with the utmost trust and appreciation for its guidance.

Also, I would have taken up photography much earlier on… to think of the collection of lenses I could have by now!

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What do you feel most proud of?

Completing my open water scuba certification; it was an experience like none other to date. The course was physically and mentally demanding, but so rewarding when I was 60 feet down and looking up at an ‘ocean sky’ above…it was the epitome of breathtaking (I think there’s a pun in there) and utterly surreal!

If you could keep only 3 possessions, what would they be and why?

That’s difficult. My husband is an avid woodworker and has crafted many one-of-a-kind pieces I’d never want to part with. If I had to pick, I would choose my health, my hand-carved engagement ring and my DSLR camera and 35mm lens (I hope that would count as one thing).

What do you want your tombstone to say? 

“I didn’t ask for a tombstone, guys”.

Just kidding. Honestly, I love the idea of having my ashes planted alongside a tree…that’s my belief in a life after death.

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What is “The Simple Green”?

An award nominated food blog inspired by a love for plant-based recipes, food photography, writing, organic gardening and simple living. I often call it my “recipe catalogue/diary”. It’s such a labour of love and marries so many of my creative passions in one place. My goal is to gently inspire others to make small shifts towards a more thoughtful and, perhaps, more nourishing way of life.

What is your favorite kind of coffee?

When the mood hits,  I prefer a manual drip dark roast with cinnamon or reishi mushroom brewed with the grinds.  My coffee usually comes with a sundry of extracts, herbs or spices; I love to experiment with flavours. Naturally, during the hotter months, it’s a cold brew… I love the patience involved with steeping the grinds for so long and the thicker, sweeter profile it creates.

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In which coffee shops are we likely to bump into you?

Not many because I tend to enjoy coffee at home. Plus, our city doesn’t have much to choose from.

Whenever possible, I support the local shops here and Bocca Cafe in the Old City Quarter is definitely a favourite when we’re in the area. Victoria, a much larger city down island, has a fair share of great spots, many of which I still have to visit.

What does a perfect day look like?

I love Fall, so it would certainly take place in early Autumn with an overcast sky, but no rain (a rare occurrence as we live in a rainforest). We’d be heading out for a hike with my camera in tow, then back inside to warm up with a hot drink, followed by planning out the evening meal. Any day spent with family,  homemade food and our son’s laughter is a perfect day for me.

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