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There’s a brand new coffee flavor wheel and it’s made me really happy

Not too long ago I did this post about a coffee flavour wheel I discovered. A great infographic that helps you identify the flavors in a coffee. It’s helped me appreciate coffee more than I have before and, more importantly, sound like an expert when debating with real coffee snobs. So I was very happy (like Pharrell-level happy) when the Speciality Coffee Association of America released an update last night. I love it. Check it out, go forth and conquer.

The best guide on how to taste coffee

The simple truth is this. Coffee is more complex than wine. The green coffee bean contains around 500 aromatic and flavor components. Roasting that bean increases that count threefold. Wine, however, at best, has around 300 – 400 components. So now that we’ve put that debate to rest, the question is how do you taste coffee. And I’ve come across no better guide than this awesome one from Counter Culture Coffee. Print it out. Keep it on hand. So that next time you taste a cup of coffee, you’ll have more to say than “it tastes like coffee”.

How to taste coffee

Practice. We tend to believe that our taste is a sense that stays the same, and although physically that may be true to an extent, there are ways of getting better at tasting. Firstly we need to understand what influences our taste. “The first taste is with the eyes”, how food or drink is presented has a huge effect on how we taste it. Often people will see a meal that is amazingly presented and have the preconception that the taste of the food will meet the standard of its appearance and as a result, decide the food tastes great without having listened to their tongue. Taste and aesthetics are separate and appearance should try to be forgotten about when attempting to taste something. An example of how influential appearance is on taste was demonstrated in a study in which scientists dyed a white wine, red and had a panel of wine connoisseurs describe the wine. The result showed that the experts described the wine using descriptors typical of a red wine. This demonstrates that …

How to order your favorite coffee from any coffeeshop

Isabel Jones is a wife, barista and blogger. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, now living in in Lake Charles, Louisiana, she has a wonderfully funny husband and a dog named Doge. And she was kind enough to share this post with us. Coffee has blown up! Anywhere you go you can guarantee there will be a coffee shop, but you can’t guarantee you will be able to recite an order and get the same drink every time. Coffee has so many origins and so many traditions, and there was never really a big meeting where all the big coffee lords decided on a standard for all coffee shops to follow. I mean, there’s no way you can walk into any old coffee shop, order the macchiato and expect the same thing every time. This is why I want to give you a barista’s guide to getting exactly what you want from any coffee shop! The basics This is a good place to start. Generally, any drink you order stems from the four basic drink recipes. Once you know these, …

The simple trick to getting the freshest cup of coffee possible

One of my fondest childhood memories is my mom baking bread. Today, butter melting on a thick, warm slice of freshly baked bread still tastes like my childhood. Growing up in a family of six like mine, that freshly baked goodness never made it to Day 2. It didn’t even make it to the 8 ‘o clock news. For the purpose of this post though, let’s pretend it did. Let’s imagine my sisters and I were able to exercise some self-control. Let’s imagine we let the bread just stand there. For days. It would, of course, get stale. Because of the exposure to air. To oxygen, more specifically. Same goes for coffee. As soon as coffee beans are roasted, they start to lose their freshness. Because of the exposure to air. To oxygen, more specifically. The longer that exposure, the more freshness is lost. So the key to the freshest cup of coffee possible is quite simple actually: buy coffee as close to the roast date as possible. Coffee geeks globally recommend you’ll get the best results by consuming within …