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How does a barista champion brew an Aeropress?

Ishan Natalie has been a friend of @manmakecoffee for a while now. He is a 3 time South Africa Barista Champion, a 2 time Africa Barista Champion, the South Africa Aeropress Champion 2012 & a Humans of Coffee alumnus. And this is his Aeropress recipe. Coffee: Ozone Coffee‘s Burundi, Munyinya Hill by Long Miles Coffee Method: inverted Grind: medium Coffee weight: 15g Water weight: 220g Pre-infusion: 50g water, 35 seconds Action: swirl, fill water to 220g Action: place cap, release air pocket & flip Action: press & extract Result: juicy, bright, sweet & fruity Enjoy! For more, follow Ishan on Instagram at @dodgybarista. The cover image of Ishan competing at the World Barista Championship in Seattle was taken by Pavel Zhdanov.

A guide to coffee brewing techniques

A Guide to Coffee Brewing Techniques People have been drinking coffee for hundreds of years. The earliest evidence of coffee being roasted and brewed goes back to the 15th-Century in Yemen (Weinberg et al., 2001).   They simply roast and ground the coffee before throwing it into a pot with hot water. Over the years, the methods used to brew coffee have evolved considerably. While some cultures still use very simple brewing techniques, others have developed elaborate machines that are carefully designed to create the perfect cup coffee! In this article Arik Weiss, CEO and Founder of London based Doppio Coffee will examine the most common brewing techniques that can make a delicious cup of coffee. Coffee Brewing Techniques There are several methods for brewing coffee, but they can all be classified in one of four ways: Decoction (Boiling): This is the technical name for extraction via boiling. Coffee grounds are placed in boiling water to extract their flavour. Gravitational feed (Filtering): Coffee is usually placed in a filter of some kind and hot water is …

My morning routine

Every morning I wake up with one thing on my mind. Coffee. The house is very quiet early in the morning. Most mornings all you can hear are the birds. I’ll lay in bed to just listen to that singing. Soon enough I’m in the kitchen. Pouring filtered water into a kettle. While the kettle heats I’m at the cupboard. Considering my options. Guatemala. Costa Rica. Rwanda. Where will I go today? The scale comes out. 25 grams of beans. Into the grinder. Preset to coarse. I remember to close the kitchen door so that the grinding doesn’t wake the wife. I’m a husband not an inconsiderate bastard. Rinse the filter. Warm the chemex. Rinse the cup. Warm the cup. Wait for the water to cool to 93. Then start the pour. Slowly. In tight little circles. 50 grams. Then I’ll wait. For the bloom. When it comes I’m happy. Pat myself on the back for picking up freshly roasted beans. Continue the pour. Slowly. In tight little circles. 350 grams. I lean in a …