How to Play Roulette Like James Bond – James Bond Roulette Strategy

Growing up, I didn’t know of any boy (and a large number of girls too) who at one point or another didn’t wish that they could be as slick and as smooth as a master spy, James Bond. In fact, he was a force to be reckoned with for more than just his charm with the women and his athleticism. He is an idol worth having, but as many of you who have followed the James Bond franchise will know, there are few casino players with greater finesse and strategy than Mr. Bond. It was the intensity of his presence and his actual application of the method described below that gave rise to what is now affectionately known as the James Bond online roulette strategy.

What is James Bond’s strategy for roulette?

The James Bond Roulette Strategy, despite its flashy moniker, is both deceptively mind-bogglingly simple and straightforward, which, let’s face it, is quite unlike the man himself. The first thing you must understand about this James Bond roulette strategy is that you cannot simply wager a small amount and pray for the best. In order to execute the James Bond Betting Strategy correctly, you must have at least $200 to wager. Once you have $200 in your possession, you must wager $140 on high numbers (19-36), $50 on six numbers (13-18), and a final $10 on 0 as insurance. If you wish to learn everything about it, click here.

What are the results of employing the James Bond Strategy?

If you employ this strategy and generate a number between 19 and 36 (both numbers included), you will earn at least $80. If one of the six numbers drawn is between 13 and 18, both digits included, you will earn $100. If you are fortunate enough to see green and receive a 0, you will make a profit of $160.

Therefore, what occurs if you receive a number between 1 and 12?

If you are unfortunate enough to get a number between 1 and 12, then the best thing to do in this situation is double your wager and go with the Martingale Strategy. Okay, you inquire, but what exactly is the Martingale strategy? You can find a full page of information here, but I’ll give you a brief overview of how it functions so that you understand what I’m talking about. In accordance with the Martingale Strategy, each time a participant loses, he or she must double the number of chips wagered in the next round. For example, if you wagered one chip and lost it, you must wager two chips in the next round.

Will this truly aid in the success of your James Bond Strategy Roulette?

This is a difficult question, but the reality is that when it comes to any betting progression, we are essentially talking about various bet sizes on different spins, and this strategy is no exception. Numerous individuals have argued that the James Bond Roulette Method is little more than a gimmick to attract nostalgic individuals and that the initial three wagers have no correlation whatsoever. Furthermore, these same individuals assert that it is a fallacy to assume that wager size can and will increase your odds of winning.

The following example is used to disprove the Martingale system: If you wager one chip on red and lose, the Martingale strategy dictates that your next wager must be two red chips. If you lose a second time, you must place four coins on the table before your next turn. In addition to the fact that you will quickly reach the table limit if you choose to play in this manner, you will also quickly reach your spending limit if you are good at managing your finances if you squander money in this manner. Finally and maybe most importantly, the odds of red or black being spun during your next round are not increased by any fraction just because you are betting more each time which means that you’re not really enhancing your chances just by betting more. Obviously, after playing for a while, you may begin to believe that a win is imminent or imminently imminent.

Given that roulette is entirely a game of chance, which provides the house an advantage to begin with, there is no evidence that the game operates according to what is “due.” In fact, it is easy to confirm the aforementioned assertion by comparing the outcomes of five consecutive spins in which you wagered on red to five consecutive spins in which you bet on black. You will likely discover that the probabilities are identical to those in any other sequence of red and black dice.

Implement the James Bond Strategy whilst Playing Roulette!

In the end, the best way to play the James Bond Roulette Strategy is to take a page from the man himself: enter swiftly and intelligently, complete the mission in as much style as possible, and DON’T WAIT TO GET CAUGHT OUT! Despite the fact that you can make more than a quick buck with this strategy, it is strongly advised that once you’ve made your profit for the day, you walk away and do not attempt to test your fate further. Additionally, you should only use this system if you have sufficient funds stashed away. This will guarantee that you can withstand a losing trend. For additional information on Roulette Money Management and other roulette strategies, please refer to our exhaustive and no-holds-barred Online Roulette Guide, where you will learn how to become a roulette wheel champion. Then, once you feel like you’ve learned enough, visit one of the online gambling sites on our list, choose a site, perhaps even one with a live casino, and use an online casino bonus to increase your bankroll while using this wagering system. You need not restrict yourself to roulette. Examine our online craps strategy and expand your knowledge of craps in the process. In any case, you have nothing to lose unless you place a wager.

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