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How I spent 48 hours in Amsterdam: Lot Sixty One

When I arrived at Lot Sixty One both the outside benches were occupied. By locals. Always a good sign. Two of them had dogs. An even better sign. I walked inside and perched myself at the bar. The heat outside inspired an iced coffee. Which tasted like friendship. It had me at hello. Which is how Claye introduced himself. He told me about the shop, the coffee and himself. I liked all three. And you will too.  

How I spent 48 hours in Amsterdam: Sweet Cup

It’s the driftwood, the succulents and the adorable basset hound that make you feel like you’re in Lisa Rooimans and Paul van Duuren’s living room. And that’s exactly what they were going for. A warm inviting space where customers would receive personal attention. It’s not often you find a speciality coffee shop (and microroastery) that promotes pourovers over espresso-based drinks. Sweet Cup is that shop. And after I tasted my V60, which Lisa recommended I let cool before my first sip, I understood why. If you’re in a rush, head buried in your phone, you’ll easily miss Sweet Cup’s discreet but beautiful storefront on Lange Leidsedwarsstraat. And you’ll completely miss one of the best coffee experiences in Amsterdam. There’s a lesson in that.    

Humans of coffee: Simone Hawlisch

Who is Simone Hawlisch? In Ayurveda I am a so called “tri dosha” (vata-pitta-kapha type), which is very rare. It gives me a very sturdy constitution and well balanced personality. People say that my presence makes them feel relaxed. I can also feel those different components inside of me and sometimes the fight between letting the mind or letting the heart decide. The last ten years I have been living in Berlin/Germany, however feeling home at many places in the world. I try to live a slow life, which does not necessarily mean going slower but making more intentional decisions about my life and what I want to do with it. What is your best childhood memory? As my aunt and uncle lived in the country side, I think I spent most of my childhood there. Strolling through the woods & fields, swimming and hanging out with the local kids and of course ice skating in the winter. We also had some horses, dogs, geese and a sheep called Robert. I am still so grateful that …