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How does a barista champion brew an Aeropress?

Ishan Natalie has been a friend of @manmakecoffee for a while now. He is a 3 time South Africa Barista Champion, a 2 time Africa Barista Champion, the South Africa Aeropress Champion 2012 & a Humans of Coffee alumnus. And this is his Aeropress recipe. Coffee: Ozone Coffee‘s Burundi, Munyinya Hill by Long Miles Coffee Method: inverted Grind: medium Coffee weight: 15g Water weight: 220g Pre-infusion: 50g water, 35 seconds Action: swirl, fill water to 220g Action: place cap, release air pocket & flip Action: press & extract Result: juicy, bright, sweet & fruity Enjoy! For more, follow Ishan on Instagram at @dodgybarista. The cover image of Ishan competing at the World Barista Championship in Seattle was taken by Pavel Zhdanov.

Humans of coffee: Wayne Oberholzer

Who is Wayne Oberholzer? I like to think of myself as being loyal… Almost to a fault. I get confused with this man mountain of a human who is almost unapproachable. When this couldn’t be furthest from the truth. I have a passion for learning new things, and I am constantly looking to understand stuff outside of my field. I love flavours and the exploration of flavours. Understanding what makes flavours and flavour combinations tick. I have 70 Dives to my name an advance Free-diving license. A pilots license. A Motorbike License, 3 National coffee titles and a passion for travel. What is your best childhood memory? I have too many really to nail down just one. As a child we would travel to Mauritius a lot. Went to the US twice, including Disney world and New York. As a young aspiring Pilot and lover of Top Gun, I was super fortunate enough to have been to Pensacola and got to see the Blue Angels all lined up and ready to go. But probably the …

Unsung heroes

  I read an awesome article this weekend. About this dapper fella, John Bannister Goodenough. John is a Mechanical Engineering professor at the University of Texas in Austin. And if it wasn’t for John, there would be no Apple, no Samsung, no Tesla. Because John developed the lithium-ion rechargeable battery. John’s never won the Nobel prize. He’s not famous by any definition. Yet he keeps working hard. At age 92 John is still at the office every day. Says there’s so much evolution left for the battery he introduced to the world at age 57. If you’re reading this in South Africa, let me bring it closer to home for you. If it wasn’t for John I wouldn’t be able to write this post in the middle of loadshedding. John Bannister Goodenough defines the term unsung hero. I did a barista course at Origin a while back. Took a few days off work, flew down to Cape Town and spent 3 days trying to master the art of making coffee. Because that’s what I concluded after …