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Humans of coffee: Jono Le Feuvre

  Who is Jono Le Feuvre? Damn it. I was going to do my best not to be ethereal and pretentious. But failure in that regard looms large before me (see the pretension has started already). The concept of Jono Le Feuvre evolves as does his context. Right now I am an African, white, privileged, previously- and currently-advantaged, heterosexual married, practising-Christian father of three children. I graduated with a degree in journalism and now I import and roast coffee for a living. I am passionate about living an active lifestyle and staying in shape, but the reality is that I achieve neither of those ideals. I am exhilarated by rigorous debate on topics that affect how humans interact with one another (social justice, religion, and correct Aeropress etiquette) but I am also exhilarated by life’s most frivolous and superficial of endeavors (coffee, wine, cuisine). I naturally gravitate towards the superficial (hence my career) but find this to be an undesirable trait, so I compensate by obsessing over (but seldom accomplishing) goals that will actually make …

Matt Preston does a delicious tour of Cape Town food & coffee spots

  Without a doubt, my favorite of the Masterchef franchise is Masterchef Australia. It’s where I was introduced to Matt Preston – who has done as much for the Australia food scene as he has done for the humble cravat. I came across this piece he did for about the food & coffee scene in Cape Town. It was written in November but still very relevant. It’s making my mouth water for another trip to Cape Town. While we’re on the topic, here’s my idea of how to spend the perfect weekend in Cape Town.

Humans of coffee: Wayne Oberholzer

Who is Wayne Oberholzer? I like to think of myself as being loyal… Almost to a fault. I get confused with this man mountain of a human who is almost unapproachable. When this couldn’t be furthest from the truth. I have a passion for learning new things, and I am constantly looking to understand stuff outside of my field. I love flavours and the exploration of flavours. Understanding what makes flavours and flavour combinations tick. I have 70 Dives to my name an advance Free-diving license. A pilots license. A Motorbike License, 3 National coffee titles and a passion for travel. What is your best childhood memory? I have too many really to nail down just one. As a child we would travel to Mauritius a lot. Went to the US twice, including Disney world and New York. As a young aspiring Pilot and lover of Top Gun, I was super fortunate enough to have been to Pensacola and got to see the Blue Angels all lined up and ready to go. But probably the …