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Humans of coffee: Aga Bukowska

Who is Aga Bukowska? A girl who wants to squeeze the most out of life. Who loves talking with passionate people, drinking coffee and taking pictures. Who thinks that there is no other way of doing things than doing them at 100%. Professionally, I am Expansion Supervisor at Coffeedesk, which is the leading coffee & coffee accessories distributor in Central/Eastern Europe. I am responsible for finding new spots, negotiating deals, operational synergy and marketing activities of our coffee shops. After 7 years of working in advertising agencies, I said to myself that I love everything about coffee community and I want to be a part of it full-time. As I’m the kind of person who can’t half-commit, here I am. What is your favorite childhood memory? As a child I used to spend all of my holidays at my grandparents farm. I remember waking up at 5 to a cup of cocoa my grandfather just made with freshly squeezed milk. Then going to a fair at the nearest city to sell wheat and oat from …

This is a good story and we are only on the first page

Today a team from TriBeCa Coffee Company will head to Kilimanjaro to both build a dairy for a woman farmer who produces amazing organic coffee on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and, in celebration of woman in coffee, will also be climbing Kilimanjaro and brewing Kilimanjaro coffee on the summit. They’ll not only be continually updating their social media feed, but will also have a live tracker that people can follow to see exactly where they are! Starting on the 12th of March to the 24th of March. Of the world’s estimated 1 billion poor, 70% are women. Women own less than 1% of the world’s titled land. The World Bank estimates that more than 500 million people throughout the world are dependent on coffee for their livelihoods, and of that number, 25 million are coffee farmers. Unfortunately, coffee farmers typically live and work in substandard conditions, which are compounded by the fact that they receive only a small percentage of the actual price for which the coffee is sold to the consumer. Women, who represent …

A Guide to Specialty Coffee in Tokyo and Kyoto

Most people don’t associate Japan with high quality coffee. Traditional coffee houses generally serve a filter variety of coffee, and Japan’s ubiquitous vending machines carry canned coffee, hot and cold. However, the specialty coffee scene is growing in popularity and quality. Starbucks and big chains still dominate streetscapes, but hidden down quiet lanes you’ll find the following cafes slinging quality espresso. Off the beaten tourist track, the search for the best brew is a great way to discover different neighbourhoods (and importantly stay caffeinated while at it). That’s the point of travel, right? TOKYO Fuglen 1 Chome-16-11 Tomigaya, 渋谷区 Tokyo 151-0063, Japan This cafe and bar is the sister outpost of Fuglen Oslo, and you can tell. If you’re wandering around Yoyogi Park and surrounds in Tokyo, and have a hankering for a smooth cappuccino inside what feels like the coziest Scandinavian cabin, then Fuglen is your place. Who doesn’t love coffee with a vintage modernist aesthetic? It’s open well after dark (till 2am Friday and Saturday) for late night cravings. Onibus Nakameguro Japan, 〒153-0051 …

How I spent 48 hours in Amsterdam: Little Collins

Brunch isn’t really a thing in Amsterdam. But it is in Melbourne. So Little Collins‘ Australian-born owners brought a slice Melbourne to Amsterdam’s De Pijp neighbourhood. I could write a book about how good my breakfast waffle was. And turn that book into a best seller by including images of my perfectly prepared flat white. Instead I’ll leave you with this – the most important piece of advice you’ll ever hear about this spot: Go early.

How I spent 48 hours in Amsterdam: Bocca

Many great businesses started in a garage. Amazon. Apple. Disney. Google. And Bocca. Menno & Tewis Simons first started roasting coffee in a garage in the Jordaan neighbourhood in 2001. And today they’ve come a long way. A kilometer to be exact. To their flagship store in Spiegelkwartier. It was a busy day in Amsterdam. The sun was out. And so were all the tourists. I needed a break. And was happy that I found myself near Bocca. The space is surprisingly big. For Amsterdam. For any European city. Well, for any city that’s been around since the 12th century. Finding a spot to sit, charge my iPhone and hop on the wifi was easy. Coffee was awesome. Service even more so. And, as you’ll see from my photographs, easily one of my favourite spaces in Amsterdam.

Humans of coffee: Adam Goldberg

Who is Adam Goldberg? I’m the editor in chief of Drift, a new coffee magazine you probably haven’t heard of. I’m from and currently live in New York with my girlfriend and Drift’s creative director, Daniela. My sister Elyssa, Drift’s Executive editor, also lives in the same building, so it’s a blast working together on a project we’re passionate about: Drift, a magazine about cities — their culture, architecture, and people — as seen through the lens of coffee. I love to travel and learn new languages. That’s been the inspiration for Drift’s city-by-city focus. In my spare time I box and write home automation software for my apartment.. right now my coffee brews automatically when I wake up, lights dim when I watch TV, and turn off when I fall sleep. Although admittedly, sometimes lights still turn on in the middle of the night. What is your best childhood memory? When I was 13, I lived in Sichuan, China for a summer. My best friend from elementary school was from Chengdu and invited me back …

The 5 best flat whites in Buenos Aires (Palermo edition)

Buenos Aires was a late bloomer when it comes to specialty coffee shops. Like in every big city, coffee plays a big role in the porteños’ day to day life. There are coffee shops everywhere, and they range from very traditional cafés to the new wave of more alternative and cozy coffee spots. The flat white was recently introduced into the local coffee market by some very specific places, most of them new, opened in the last couple years. I honestly spend most of my afternoons looking for new places to try, and everytime I find one, I always get a flat white. I have a theory that if a place makes a nice flat white, then it’s good. If you’re a fan of the legendary flat white, like me, then you must go to these five places if you visit this culturally fascinating South American city. Ninina Bakery Perhaps the place that feels the most like New York City in the neighborhood of Palermo Soho. Actually, many of this new cafés find their home …

How I spent 48 hours in Amsterdam: Espressofabriek

Housed inside a 19th century gas works is Espressofabriek. It was one of the first venues to open inside what is now a culture park. And is the first speciality coffee shop to open in the Netherlands. I made my way past the roasting machine at the entrance and the big open bar to find a seat in the back. And settled in to review my less then exceptional photographs while sipping a more than exceptional flat white. Add it to your list.    

How I spent 48 hours in Amsterdam: Sweet Cup

It’s the driftwood, the succulents and the adorable basset hound that make you feel like you’re in Lisa Rooimans and Paul van Duuren’s living room. And that’s exactly what they were going for. A warm inviting space where customers would receive personal attention. It’s not often you find a speciality coffee shop (and microroastery) that promotes pourovers over espresso-based drinks. Sweet Cup is that shop. And after I tasted my V60, which Lisa recommended I let cool before my first sip, I understood why. If you’re in a rush, head buried in your phone, you’ll easily miss Sweet Cup’s discreet but beautiful storefront on Lange Leidsedwarsstraat. And you’ll completely miss one of the best coffee experiences in Amsterdam. There’s a lesson in that.