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How does a barista champion brew an Aeropress?

Ishan Natalie has been a friend of @manmakecoffee for a while now. He is a 3 time South Africa Barista Champion, a 2 time Africa Barista Champion, the South Africa Aeropress Champion 2012 & a Humans of Coffee alumnus. And this is his Aeropress recipe. Coffee: Ozone Coffee‘s Burundi, Munyinya Hill by Long Miles Coffee Method: inverted Grind: medium Coffee weight: 15g Water weight: 220g Pre-infusion: 50g water, 35 seconds Action: swirl, fill water to 220g Action: place cap, release air pocket & flip Action: press & extract Result: juicy, bright, sweet & fruity Enjoy! For more, follow Ishan on Instagram at @dodgybarista. The cover image of Ishan competing at the World Barista Championship in Seattle was taken by Pavel Zhdanov.

What is Speciality Coffee?

To this question, one cannot merely state what it is, but rather comment on what their individual perspective is to this illusive question. This question was recently asked by good friend and special friend of the coffee community, Ben Carlson, during a gathering and presentation on the work he and his family are doing in Burundi to share these amazing coffees with the world. Of course, the initial discussion around this question was surrounded around the grading aspect of the delicious and wonderful cherry and bean. Beans are graded due to the uniformity of size, shape, colour, density, and defects/ taints. But I don’t believe in this being the sole definition of what ‘speciality’ is. I refer back to my 2015 World Barista Championship presentation. I pushed back on who defines what is speciality, and how it’s decided. For me, to an extent, I don’t believe that only a buyer/ ‘green bean grader’ can solely define that. I went to the WBC with a coffee from Adam Overton, of Gesha Village Coffee Estate in Ethiopia. …