Why do online casinos have free casino games?

Casinos Betflix789 offer free casino games as an extra service to their players. When a game supplier launches a new game you can give it a try for free. With the free play mode you can test the game a while before you decide to make a real money deposit. When you don’t like a game you have no risk in losing money. And when you like a game you can decide to keep on playing with real money.

Online casinos like it when you come back to their casino. With the free play mode you probably come back more often because you can play free online casino games.

Casinos give free money and free spins. But why do they offer this?
Online casinos give you free play money or free spins because they want to convince you. The casinos want to convince you to join their casino and not a different casino. With the free play money or free spins they give you an extra reason to register a free account. Online Casinos with a free play money bonus know that you will like their casino. They know you will stay at the casino after you used your free play money or free spins.

And when you decide to stay at the casino you receive a first deposit bonus. With the first deposit bonus you can start playing with real money. And on top of your deposit amount you always receive some extra money and an amount of free spins. So this is an extra opportunity to play free online casino games at a reliable casino.

Is it smart to play free online casino games?
It is smart to play casino games in free play mode. You can test a game before you start playing with real money. If you hate a certain game it is not smart to play that game in real money mode because you are probably going to lose money. Use this mode to explore games. Only play the games you like, or the games that feel lucky, with real money. The only disadvantage of the free games is the fact that you cannot win real money. It is possible that you play for free and you hit a Mega Win. In that case you see a huge win in your game but you won’t receive that money.

Playing casino games with free real money is also smart. Simply use the free money you receive from a casino and see if you can win some money. It is a free chance to try a few games. And a free chance to win some money at a real online casino. There is one big disadvantage of playing with free play money. When you hit a few big wins you are not able to cash out all the winnings. Online casinos have a maximum payout on free play money. Normally you can cash out up to €100 when you received some free cash from the casino. It is a big dissapointment when you won €1.000 and you can only cash out €100. On the other hand, it is free money and you can win free money.

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